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Real estate, loan, insurance..Any type of "agent"...
This page is for you! 

VENDORS:  If you have a product or service that you think you would like to market in our group... OR... if you have properties that you would like to share with our group... WE ENCOURAGE THAT...

BUT... and this is a BIG BUTT!!.... YOU MUST HAVE THE PROPER MINDSET AND TRAINING TO WORK WITH OUR GROUP... PERIOD!! There are no short cuts to gaining access to our clubs... Once you do... You'll be glad you did because we have over 15K students and ACTIVE real estate investors nationwide! These are active investors that have had proper training. and may need your product or service.  This is especially true of Wholesalers, Insurance agents, and others that have a product or service that is a good fit for real estate investors.


Being a Real Estate Agent myself for many years, I have a special place in my heart for fellow real estate agents. I have been a licensed agent in California since 2005. I've done MILLIONS of dollars in real estate and I made the transition from Realtor to Investor..but I still earn from my team doing traditional real estate transactions... both representing investors and from my "existing" book of business. 

IF you are an agent and you want to work with more buyers and sellers this video is for you... 

As a matter of fact we encourage it... BUT... and this is a big BUT... YOU MUST HAVE THE PROPER MINDSET TO DO SO... 

Watch this video, and then give us a call or click button below., and we'll share with you "THE HOW" this will actually help you sell MORE AND add additional streams of income..

I use the concepts we'll discuss to actually sell MORE houses, simultaneously to being an investor and having multiple streams of income, and I want to share with you EXACTLY HOW WE DO THAT! 



This video is NOT about the HOW we grow our business. (You can find that on other pages (or click button below)... THIS VIDEO IS ABOUT HOW TO THINK! 

I hope you find this information useful, and we can help you transition from "Personal Production" to creating wealth in real estate

"Cowboy" Keith
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